Enable/Disable Archive Log Mode 10g/11g

If you would like to perform these tasks using Database Console see the post Enable/Disable Archive Log Mode 10g/11g using Database Console.

Enable Archive Log Mode

The following are the steps required to enable archive log mode on an Oracle 10g or 11g database.

Verify the database log mode.













[oracle@ora1 ~]$ sqlplus / as sysdba 

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Thu Apr 8 12:02:52 2010

Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Connected to:

Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – Production

With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options

SQL> archive log list

Database log mode              No Archive Mode

Automatic archival             Disabled

Archive destination            USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST

Oldest online log sequence     25

Current log sequence           27


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Solving ORA-12516: TNS:listener could not find available handler with matching protocolstack

Hai..friends…mao share pengalaman nie tentang error ORA-12516. Pagi-pagi baru aja mandi pagi dimana seharusnya hari itu sedang off day alias tidak masuk kantor, lihat handphone udah ada 4 miscall wkwkwkwk….ternyata setelah telepon balik ternyata salah satu customer yang kemarin harinya saya lakukan installation Oracle 11g dan migrasi data dari oracle 9i ke 11g. Mereka bilang muncul ORA-12516 dan tidak banyak user yang bisa konek ke oracle. alhasil setelah cek mereka ternyata mempunyai user lebih dari 100…

akhirnya saya guide mereka untuk melakukan ubah parameter :

login as sysdba then :

SQL> alter system set processes=1000 scope=spfile;

SQL> alter system set sessions=500 scope=spfile;


SQL>shutdown immediate;


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Destination Folder of Oracle’s alert.log

Oracle’s alert.log chronologically records messages and errors arising from the daily database operation. Also, there are pointers to trace files and dump files.These messages include :

  • startups and shutdowns of the instance
  • Messages to the operator console
  • Errors causing trace files.
  • Create, alter and drop SQL statements on databases, tablespaces and rollback segments.
  • Errors when a materialized view is refreshed.
  • ORA-00600 (internal) errors.
  • ORA-01578 errors (block corruption)
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Solve ORA-01157 Cannot identify/lock data file string & ORA-01110 datafile unknown/missing problem

ORA-01157:cannot identify/lock data file string – see DBWR trace file

Cause: The background process was either unable to find one of the data files or failed to lock it because the file was already in use. The database will prohibit access to this file but other files will be unaffected.

However the first instance to open the database will need to access all online data files. Accompanying error from the operating system describes why the file could not be identified.
Action: Have operating system make file available to database. Then either open the database or do ALTER SYSTEM CHECK DATAFILES.

ORA-01111 & ORA-01110 datafile unknown/missing problem

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Quick Installation Guide 11g Release 2 (11.2) for Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-Bit)

Persiapan Mount Source :

buat /source untuk staging area

copy isi cd/iso Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-Bit) ke /source

Cek memory,swap :

# /usr/sbin/prtconf | grep “Memory size”
# /usr/sbin/swap -l
Between 4 GB and 16 GB Equal to the size of RAM
More than 16 GB 16 GB

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Requirements Environment For Installing Oracle10gR2 On AIX OS 5L-6.1 64Bit


(32- and 64-bit stands for Oracle not OS)

AIX 5L V5.3 TL 09 SP1 (“5300-09-01”), 64 bit kernel (Part Number E10854-01), AIX 6.1 TL 02 SP5 (“6100-02-05”), 64-bit kernel

AIX Disk Space

1.2G Database

3G Software

1G Companion

150M-1.9G Client

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