How to Clone Virtual Machine in Oracle Virtual Box

What is Cloning of Virtual Machine?

Cloning virtual machines allows duplicating pre installed and configured virtual machines very easily without re installing OS and other programs. This is the ideal method to create multiple similar virtual machines in short time.

VMware workstation has two options to createcloning. Normal Full cloning and linked cloning. Sun VirtualBox cloning is slightly different which involved two steps are.

1)      Clone the hard disk of existing virtual machine

2)      Create a new virtual machine with cloned Hard disk.


simple steps

VirtualBox hard disks saved as VDI files in virtual machine location. Cloning these.VDI files doesn’t mean copying and pasting these files. Duplicating these VDI files by Windows copy paste method doesn’t work since each VDI files have unique UUID which should not duplicate in Sun VirtualBox in same host. There for, we have use a tool called ‘clonehd’ to duplicate VDI files with different UUID.

When I tried to import the duplicated VDI files by Windows copy paste option, I get following error when try to import to VirtualBox media manager.

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