RMAN DUPLICATE FROM Active Standby Database

Recently I have published post about issue with RMAN duplication of Oracle database when standby database was used as a target. Later in updates of mentioned post I have confirmed that with fix for BUG:11715084 everything works as expected.

Today I have decided to make post with step-by-step procedure with which I have tested mentioned feature – making standby database from standby database.
I will Simplify setup As Much As Possible(SAMAP):

  1. single machine will be used as a host for all 3 databases
  2. OMF(Oracle Managed Files) will be used for managing files location and file names
  3. FRA(Fast/Flash Recovery Area) will be used for archive logs

1) Network Setup

Because I use only single server – all modifications will be done locally.

I will configure two more databases: orcl2 and orcl3

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