RMAN DUPLICATE FROM Active Standby Database

Recently I have published post about issue with RMAN duplication of Oracle database when standby database was used as a target. Later in updates of mentioned post I have confirmed that with fix for BUG:11715084 everything works as expected.

Today I have decided to make post with step-by-step procedure with which I have tested mentioned feature – making standby database from standby database.
I will Simplify setup As Much As Possible(SAMAP):

  1. single machine will be used as a host for all 3 databases
  2. OMF(Oracle Managed Files) will be used for managing files location and file names
  3. FRA(Fast/Flash Recovery Area) will be used for archive logs

1) Network Setup

Because I use only single server – all modifications will be done locally.

I will configure two more databases: orcl2 and orcl3

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Knowledge From : http://gavinsoorma.com/2012/04/performing-a-database-clone-using-a-data-guard-physical-standby-database/

A common DBA task is to perform regular clones and database refreshes of the production database for the purpose of setting up training or test or development environments.

If we are having a physical standby Data Guard environment, then we can easily offload the potentially I/O and CPU intensive backup process required for creating these clone or duplicate databases to the standby site.

Here are a few examples of using the physical Standby database in a Data Guard environment to create a clone of the primary production database.

In the first example we use RMAN to perform the backup and restore and in the second example we are using OS commands to just copy files ONLINE from Standby host to the target host.

Note that in 11g, we can take the backup of the control file from the Standby database. In 10g, we have to take the backup of the controlfile from the primary database.

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