Bigfile Tablespaces in Oracle

Bigfile tablespaces are tablespaces with a single large datafile (up to 4G blocks). In contrast normal or smallfile tablespaces can have several datafiles, but each is limited in size. The system default is to create a smallfile tablespace. The SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespace types are always created using the system default type.
Bigfile tablespaces are supported only for locally managed tablespaces with automatic segment space management, with three exceptions: locally managed undo tablespaces, temporary tablespaces, and the SYSTEM tablespace
Advantages of using Bigfile Tablespaces:
By allowing tablespaces to have a single large datafile the total capacity of the database is increased. An Oracle database can have a maximum of 64,000 datafiles which limits its total capacity.It allows you to create a bigfile tablespace of up to eight exabytes (eight million terabytes) in size, and significantly increase the storage capacity of an Oracle database. Continue reading